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Alice Casting Information

I’ve received a lot of questions about roles in this 2018 version of Alice in Wonderland, so I thought I’d provide a bit more information about our Production Team’s casting considerations for upcoming auditions.

We’re aware that video and music samples from this show are difficult to find online. For this reason, we’re not expecting folks to audition with a song from this show. If you’re looking for audition song inspiration, you can find samples of music from Alice In Wonderland here.

We are prepared to gender-bend many of the roles in this production, not just those listed in Vogt and Friedman’s casting recommendations. If you’ve selected “Lead Role” on your audition form, know that you may be considered for any number of roles by our Team. Our advice: Audition with a song that showcases the best of YOU!

This version of Alice lends itself to doubling roles (e.g. one actor plays the role of Alice’s mother and the Queen of Hearts). It’s also possible that multiple people may be cast in the same role. Decisions about doubling parts will be made through the casting process. The Production Team prioritizes the health of our cast and crew so multiple casting options will help ensure we have cast members available in the event of illness (because singing with a cold/flu is hard!).

I will be available to answer these and more of your questions October 30th at 8pm for an Alice In Wonderland Q&A. Click here for the Google Meet info. See you at auditions!!

Shannon Lyman


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