Waiting for COVID to be Over Festival!

We’re inviting you to participate in a series of events, both virtual and in-person, over the next two weeks. We can’t sing together yet but we can have some fun!

The festival has four elements.

Our Favourite Sounds - April 25 to May 6 virtually ‘hosted’ by PP on social media- We invite all of you to help create some themed musical theatre playlists by sending in your personal favourites. We’ll compile the lists on our website and will share samples on our social media over the months of May and June.

We’d like to create three different playlists:

- straight-up favourite musical songs

- favourite sing-along musical songs

- favourite musical songs to workout with

Find us @ptarmiganptheatrics

Let’s Read - Wed Apr 28 7:30 pm

We’ll head over to Ptarmigan Studio for a group read of the script St Francis Preaches to the Birds by David Ives. Each participant will receive their script section ahead of time (pre-registration required - 15 people max) Participants remain seated during read.