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What's Involved if I am part of Mamma Mia?

So what happens if you are in Mamma Mia!? You'll get to be part of a really fun process between February 1 and May 5.

Rehearsals start at the beginning of February with learning the music and movement. Then we add putting things together in scenes. In mid-April, we move from our rehearsal space to NACC and things get really exciting (and busy) leading up to our opening night on April 25. Eight shows later on May 4, we are done!

Chorus can expect to rehearse on Sunday afternoons from 1 to 4 or 5 and Wednesdays from 6:30 or 7 to 9 or 10 pm. Those with bigger roles will also be needed some Monday and Friday evenings, generally from 7 to between 9 and 10.

Once we get to NACC, cast need to be ready for three weeks of rehearsals/shows almost every night. It is intense but well worth it!

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