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Workshop?? Tell me more!

Seen our posts? Wondering what our workshop is all about? Look no further! If you have still have questions, chat with us on the Wix App, on social media, or email us at

I’ve never had one-to-one coaching, is it for me?

You’ll only know if you try! If you’re someone who loves being on stage but always finds themself tucked comfortably near the rear of the ensemble, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn tips on how to improve your stage presence, stay convincingly “in character”, and lay the groundwork for one day landing bigger roles!

What do I need to prepare?

A solo from a musical and your own track to sing along to. Pieces should be memorized!! Come prepared with knowledge of your character and the show your song is from. Costumes and props are welcome but not mandatory.

What kind of feedback will I get?

Lots! Suggestions on vocal techniques to improve, strategies for character exploration and development, staging and overall performance tips.

What about the rest of the group?

Participants are expected to engage for the duration of the workshop (not just your solo). You may be surprised at how much you learn from watching and hearing feedback given to others!

REGISTRATION OPENS SATURDAY 12/12/2020 at 12 noon!

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